Geryon by Emily Richardson


Emily Richardson Workshop

April 9-14, 2017

Alegre Retreat, Gateway Canyons, Colorado

Inspiration Through Reflection: Painting Fabric, Creating Quilts (all levels):

Looking back on your life and creative work, aspects and events stand out as significant or pivotal. From these thoughtful reflections, inspiration will naturally come as you choose and mix colors, consider symbols and marks, and paint on a variety of light weight fabrics, in a free, and naturally expressive way. Viewing your painted cloth will help direct you in creating abstract imagery in a small quilt.

The emphasis will be on looking and making decisions based on visual responses, with an eye towards composition. These are techniques that I use in my work, and I will demonstrate each one. It’s a fun way to work, with lots of unexpected and exciting surprises in the process. Acrylic paint, samples of silk fabrics, and hand-outs will be provided.

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